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Maison De Croissant Bakery

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Fresh From the Oven to Your Doorstep


New york style Bagel

Hand rolled,boiled Bagel , and then fresh baked, add the freshest topping


BAGEL-메뉴( Updated).jpg

Looking for more great spread? Be sure to try these 

There is nothing quite like a good New York Bagel with cream cheese 
Try one as a delicious homemade spread and signature sandwich 

Freshly Baked Daily

French -Asian bakery offer a variety of baked goods, gourmet cakes, artisan pastries, desserts and handcrafted beverages

 We are freshly baked everyday for our customers
We provide baked goods made from the finest ingredients and serve our customer


          MILK TEA

The difference between Chun Feng Sugar and other bubble tea stores,

We home make our own pearl as known as Tapioca.

We mix our tapioca with brown sugar and syrup.

We stir it up with our style we were taught by the masters in Taiwan

Pearls are enthusiastically slow cooked and glazed every 2 hours

in the brown sugar syrup resulting in aromatic, excellent chewy.

Finally, pearls absorb all that smoky and caramelly flavor. 

We want people to taste more flavor in the tapioca as they drink their milk teas

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